Tricia Jones-Parkin from Utah’s DSPD joins the Griffin-Hammis Associates Customized Podcast to Discuss Employment First Implementation

November 22nd, 2013

Join host Cary Griffin of the GHA Customized Employment Podcast as he and Tricia discuss implementation of Utah's unique Employment First initiative. Tricia is charged by the Utah Division of Services for People with Disabilities with implementing the State Legislature's funded Employment First Initiative. That word "funded" is critical of course, since so many states have langauge and little legisslative fiscal buy-in. GHA is assisting, as well, by demonstrating emerging CE practice with a host of partners including State Vocational Rehabilitation, Business leaders, The Utah DD Council, the Work Incentives staff, local school districts, the State's Developmental Center, Community Rehab Programs, families and employment seekers, Utah State University, and others.

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